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V. Gunasri

V. Gunasri was born in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, to A. Velumani and R.K. Gomathi Dhevi. She started drawing at the age of three, and won the first drawing competition she participated in. When her parents and grandparents noticed her talent, they encouraged her to take up art and craft seriously. A student of Camford International School, Gunasri was also encouraged by her teachers who were in awe of her creativity and presentation skills. Gunasti really likes it when her family and friends appreciate her creativity. She has won numerous awards. She also holds several records in drawing and painting. She is a multiple world record holder. Gunasri won the Star Performer Award and also holds a world record for drawing in the Raaba Book of World Records .She also won the Achievement Award and the Kalam Sparkling Diamond Award. Some other major awards won by Gunasri include the India Star Award, the Multi- Talent Award , the Best Artist and Multi-Talented Award ,the Vithaga Sirpi Award, the India Star kon Kids Award, the International Youth Award, the Junior Picasso Award, the Little Kalam Award, the Golden Art Award, and several others. Gunasri has also received several prizes from the various World Book of Records. Apart from drawing, Gunasri is also good at several sports, including Kho-Kho, and Football. She also likes to solve the Rubik's cube. She Is a holder of Guinness World Record for solving the Rubik's cube. Gunasri has also received awards for singing, dancing, poetry, and essay writing. Gunasri is blessed with natural talent and, with dedication and commitment, is sure to make a name for herself in the future.


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