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Arathi P Narayan

Arathi P Narayan
Raaba Book of World Records

Sri Naatyaanjali Kalaalaya was founded in 2017 by Smt. Arathi P Narayan with a handful of students. Today the institute caters to offline and online Bharatanatyam classes to students around the world.

Mrs. Arathi P Narayan, an illustrious Bharathanatyam dancer who later became a Guru, embarked on her remarkable journey in classical dance at the tender age of six.

Under the guidance of eminent gurus like Smt. Manjutha Deshmukh from Maharashtra and Smt. Chitra Vinod from Bangalore, Mrs Arathi P Narayan’s destiny took shape, leading her to achieve prestigious accolades such as the “Nagar rathna” and “Kala Tilakam” awards early in her dancing career.

Not only has Mrs. Arathi excelled in the realm of Bharatanatyam, but her academic accomplishments are equally commendable. She holds an MS degree from BITS Pilani and a Master of Fine Arts in Bharatanatyam from Satra University, where she received guidance from the esteemed Dr. Padma Subramanyam. Currently, she is pursuing Mudumani in Nattuvangam at Bridge Academy under the tutelage of Dr Sumathi Sundar, and she is also honing her skills in Nattuvangam practical lessons under the guidance of Kalamanadalam Karthika Hari Krishnan.

Mrs. Arathi’s thirst for knowledge and artistic growth is evident as she continues to expand her repertoire. She is learning Karanas from Dr. Sujatha Mohan and pursuing a Diploma in “Theatre Arts for Holistic Development” under the able guidance of Kalaimamani Dr. Ambika Kameshwar.

While pursuing her passion for dance, Mrs. Arathi also serves as a faculty member for online Bharatanatyam by Anjali Nandan, an organization based in the U.S.

Her visionary outlook extends beyond her personal achievements. Mrs. Arathi P Narayan envisions taking dance to a higher level, contributing to the holistic development of humanity. She believes in the transformative power of dance, fostering not only physical well-being but also mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.


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