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C. Mahalakshmi

Raaba Book of World Records

C. Mahalakshmi is a Chartered Accountant and CPA and love playing Veena, since around 13 years. she used to learn proper Carnatic veena in initial days and recently during last 4 years she learning under Ms.Monisha where she taught film songs, devotional songs, tunes etc . she have played for Veena programs in my office annual events. Mahalakshmi have participated in rudayazh’s veena concert, and she have also been accredited “Veena Kala Vibhushan” by Raaba Media.

she work for multinational company in Chennai and veena is part of life and it gives immense satisfaction, happiness and brings appreciation and good name as well. Veenai is overall God’s gift to Mahalakshmi.

Veenai is a divine instrument, and music can tune our mind and heart. When both Veenai and music merges it creates Magic. Thats what Mahalakshmi feel when play Veenai and my only desire is to make this magic reach people.


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