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Over the past Six years, Raba Media has become a world-renowned selfless service organization that has explored and discovered talents and recognized the talents of more than 200,000 students and artists to the world.

Raaba Book of World Records is a subsidiary of Raaba Media. It is a world record book Registered in India and the United States of America.

Many of the Raaba Book of World Records' world record holders are easily accessible through the Internet, social media, satellite media, online media, and the OTT platform. They also have the opportunity to be recognized and famous by the public for their talent. These improve their lives and skills.

Achievement records of the most talented world record holders will be recorded and published in the World Record Book of Raaba on our website once in Six months and this book will be emailed to our subscribers worldwide. Raaba World Record Book is available for free by email.

Approximately 45,000 copies reach people directly and more than 300,000 copies in the form of advertisements.

Raaba Book of World Records is affiliated to American Institute of culture and management, United States of America and International Peace and people welfare Trust, India.

Our Team

Prasanna Ramanujam

Mr.Prasanna Ramanujam

Editor in Chief

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Dr. Saipriya Vazhayil

Dr. Saipriya Vazhayil


Mrs.Vijaya Kameshwari

Mrs.Vijaya Kameshwari

Sub Editor

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Mrs.Sangeetha B.


Dr. Saipriya Vazhayil

Mrs. Uma Venkateshwari


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 Editorial Member




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Mrs.K.Guna Priya


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