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Dr. Vinita Krishna

Dr. Vinita Krishna Tripathi
Raaba Book of World Records

Dr. Vinita Krishna Tripathi is a Neuropsychology PhD. Masters in Biotechnology, and PGDCA in Clinical Research B.Sc. in Microbiology, Currently CEO of the Vadodara MG Car Club.

Working on numerous issues, including education, menstrual hygiene, women's health, and societal advancement.

Dr. Vinita Krishna Tripathi practicing neuro psychologist and counsellor for the past 15 years and have worked closely with clients working in High in corporate leadership roles as well as children struggle with neurological conditions and anxiety spectrums. co-founder of Social Responsibility Foundation (SRF) NGO since 2014, she has improved the lives of more than 2000 impoverished youngsters.

Participation in a range of NGO projects, demonstrating a strong commitment to the welfare of society.

Coaching roles and the media:

functions as Divya Bhaskar and Lok Satta columnist.

Happiness coach for

Radio City

Women's Planet magazine


Oo Womania,

Mid Day Gujarati,

Honours and Acknowledgments:

recipient of honours including the Jewel of Vadodara awards, Women Empowerment award , ONGC Wellness award.


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