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Dr. Pooja Pandey Tripathi

Dr. Pooja Pandey Tripathi is a well-known physiotherapist treating patients for nearly two decades. A multifaceted and accomplished physiotherapist who has been treating women and children on a range of issues such as growth disability, Neuro-Pediatrics issues, general wellness, orthopedics and sports physiotherapy. Many of her IT clientele have benefited with her coaching, treatment and guidance. Treating posture related issues through physiotherapy has been her forte. she conducts ergonomics sessions for the corporate sector and postural workshops for kids and teachers in various schools.

Dr. Pooja holds a Masters degree in rehabilitation and has keen interests in exercise therapy. She is a certified Practitioner of ‘Mulligan and Maitland techniques’, ‘Kiastm’ and ‘Dry needling’. A practicing yoga teacher and a Zumba instructor, Dr. Pooja is a passionate evangelist of physical fitness.

She served as the Head of the Department of Physiotherapy at St. Joseph Niwas from August 2006 to October 2008 and has rehabilitated many differently abled children.

She has been serving those in need of physiotherapy through her ‘Arogya Physiotherapy Clinic’ since May 2009, currently located at Magnus Diagnostic Centre, Bannerghatta Road. She is also an expert in women's fitness and conducts prenatal, postnatal and Zumba classes. Her YouTube channel ‘Arogya physio tips’ promotes health and fitness (

She is accredited as the creator of ‘Wolly’, a customized work regime for women based on Pilates and Bollywood themes. ‘Nirbhaya award’ 2018 and ‘Outstanding Physiotherapist’ by Indian Association of physiotherapists in 2019 are at the top her numerous awards received in recognition of being an physiotherapist, entrepreneur, trainer, coach and a theater personality.

Dr. Pooja has been a speaker at many physiotherapy conferences, conducted workshop in various parts of the country and a motivational speaker at schools and colleges.

Dr. Pooja Pandey Tripathi professionally a physiotherapist practicing from past 16 years approximately. As a physiotherapist I was more into ortho and neuro rehabilitation . I still practice that but what brought me into women’s fitness is an interesting and eye opener story . I was married in 2004 after I finished my graduation. It was only in mid 2006 when we thought about starting my own family . And then came the nightmare as I have been a PCOS patient since teenager. It was not because of my lifestyle but genetically I was blessed by this . My periods were never ever regular but being active always didn’t allow my weight to increase. So I went to seek help from the best professionals in this field and they exposed me to a round of hormonal treatment due to which I gained 12 kg in 6 months . After 6 months started rounds of follicular study . When I didn’t conceive, I was told to go through IUI . I was young and couldn’t go through this torture every month so I said no . I left everything harmonal pills, check up , ultrasound testing etc etc . I started studying a lot of books on reproductive system anatomy and physiology and went deep into studying PCOS.

Being a yoga instructor I mixed my workout with dance and bit of yoga poses which is a mix of cardio strengthening and stretching exercises and started taking those classes at my apartment gym itself for fitness and weight loss. Believe me I conceived within 6 months of those exercises. And I delivered a baby normally after 42 hours labour with ease on 23 rd dec 2008. I started teaching these exercises more professionally in 2010 in my clinic as well for women’s fitness. Meanwhile I also became a Zumba instructor and added Zumba moves as well in this exercise form and started calling it Zully . I added a Bollywood song only as it has a lot of pelvic thrust moves. Mind u I never used it to earn tons of money but only helped women who came to me . In 2011 I started teaching Zully in a few hospitals and to my surprise few other women with PCOS and stress related infertility were also conceived . Since then till now at least 23 women have conceived through Zully. But now we call it Wolly as it goes with women and belly. I have not documented anything as my intentions was not about marketing this form of exercise nor about marketing myself. I have personally only tried to help .

In 2014 again I thought of extending my family and since my periods were not regular as usual I went to seek professional help. This time again I was advised about IUI . Believe me it’s a torture and I went through three cycles of IUI with no success . At that time Pooja was taking too much stress. Then I was advised about IVF and it’s there when I put my foot down and left all the treatments again . I got busy with my clinic patient theatre and classes. In August 2014 I had not got periods from past 3 months so I thought my PCOS has increased and went to see a professional again and to my surprise came to know that I was pregnant again for the past three months . Mind you, in these three months I was extremely active taking Wolly classes , running , dancing everything but I didn’t had single discomfort to realize that I was pregnant. I delivered another child in May 2015 and we are one happy family.


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