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Tulasi Hegde

She is a well-known and highly acclaimed Child Artist of Yakshagana from Sirsi Karnataka. The Yakshagana is highly respected traditional dance drama art that originated in Karnataka, which is unique and rich in music, dance, dialogues and costumes. While children of her age engage in normal study and play, Tulasi walks extra mile. Apart from being regular in her school and playing with her friends, she puts extra energy and time when it comes to Yakshagana practise. And, while performing on stage, she totally gets soaked in the characters she performs. Dancing for hours with makeup and costumes weighing more than ten kilograms is not an easy task. But, she does it as if it is Balakrishna’s play. That too, she started performing for global peace at the age of three and a half years! The journey of this girl, coming from rural area without any considerable Yakshagana family background is really remarkable. Her excellence and commitment, therefore, are deeply appreciated by all Yakshagana lovers and they are finding a future icon in her!

Achievements :

A child prodigy who started Yakshagana performance from the age of three and a half years. The first child who started giving Yakshagana performance for the cause of World Peace. She has given more than 500 performances so far at this young age. She can perform for hours together without taking any break. She can currently perform drama plays of 5 different themes. She has keen interest in Music and Literature too.

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