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Smt. SAKTHI KISHORE was born and raised in Malaysia. She found interest in dancing when she was four years old. She was in trained with Smt. JAYALETCHUMI (Disciple of Adayar K.Lakshmanan). She had her Arrangetrram guided in smt. JAYALETCHUMI at the age of ten (1994). She came to India to improve her knowledge skill in Bharathanatyam at Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University in 2000.


K.N.DANDAYADHAPANI PILLAI has indeed emerged as a creative exponent of the ancient

art form Bharathanatyam.

Having Graduated from Tamilnadu Music and Fine Arts University with a First Class degree and Gold Medal, she was cantered the title "NAATYA VISHAARADA" upon

Smt. SAKTHI KISHORE continued her training in Bharathanatyam with Smt.

S.DIVYASENA at Divyanjali Chennai. She also has learned the dance form Kunchipudi at Kuchipudi Art Academy Padanabhan Vempati China Satyam and then continued under the able tutelage of Sri.KISHORE MOSALIKANTI at Divanjali. She has taken part in performance choreographed by her Guru staged at Various concert platform in India and Malaysia. She has performed almost more than 100 performance in Malaysia and India.

As the Fonder - Director of "SRI SAKTHI" Dance and Music Academy functioning at Royapuram for past 15 years. Smt. SAKTHI KISHORE has groomed a number of young and talented artistes. She also has a class in Malaysia Conducted by her senior student.

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