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S. Anish

Dr. S. Anish is an extremely talented ten-year-old, born in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu. His range of talents is phenomenal, and the fact that he has an honorary doctorate really makes him a wunderkind. Currently a student of D.A.Ve Baba Vidyalaya ( 5th Grade ), Chennai, it was when Anish was just Ten years old that his parents noticed he had a wide range of interests and a huge potential to excel in each of them. His mother, P. Nithya encouraged him the most and stood by his side in all the endeavors Anish undertook. Anish's father, P. Siva, has also been very supportive and has always provided a nurturing environment to Anish. When it comes to his daily routine, Anish takes out an hour from his day to work on his many talents. These include drawing, painting, carom, yoga, and many more. He also has an interest in music. Anish has won many honors and prizes in various fields. He has participated and won in Rubik's cube competitions. He is also an ardent social activist and has an honorary doctorate from International Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Council. In an organ donation campaign, Anish also participated in the fashion show to add flair to the campaign and encourage more people to turn up for it. He received the Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Award, 'India's Best Student' , 'Young Achiever Award' , 'Iconic Award' and secured the title of 'The Pride of Tamil Nadu', which was bestowed upon him by the various Organizations. He also won a drawing competition conducted by Sangeetham, a Sri Lankan FM Channel. Anish is a multi-talented individual and has a bright future ahead of him. He would surely go on to achieve greater things in life.


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