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Mrs. Mahalakshmi

She is proud to be an Early Childhood Teacher. she received a Bachelor’s, Mater’s degrees and Master of Philosophy in Education from ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITY, CHIDAMBARAM (2006-2012).She got strong foundation during her teachers training education (2004-2006) at SRI SAI RAM TEACHERS TRAINING INSTITUTE AT PUDUCHERRY.

To develop and explore herself into fashion world, so she wanted to do pursue air hostess, She completed her training at FRANKFINN INSTITUTE OF AIRHOSTESS TRAINNING (2006-2007), NUNGAMBAKKAM,CHENNAI. She learned many things during this courses like Passion, Patience, Personality Development, Communication, Responsibilities, Grooming and many more. This is the course enhanced her life style. And also she gained her confidence and made her to showcase herself before the world.

But her parents and fiance wish to continue her skill to work towards teaching profession. So she completely involved herself in Teaching. she has a true passion for working with our youngest learners!! Helping each child progress in all areas of their development like academic, socioemotional, language and other motor skills-is a challenge that she honoured to accept daily .She strive to create community of learners that nurtures this growth in a positive ,fun environment.

So Mrs. Mahalakshmi Balamurugan started her own preschool in the name of LITTLE KIDS PLAYHOUSE AND PRESCHOOL, on 2015 with 3 children, 1 supporting teacher, and 1 helper. An immense happy to say that we have 74 children, 9 teachers, 4 helpers in our own school this year 2022.To run her school successfully she studied and updated herself in Montessori training and Jolly phonics.

Personally, She has been married for 10 glorious years and have two beautiful angels who are 9 and 3 years old. She love to watch our kids’ activities at home they perform well in academic as well as co-curricular, She is really proud of her kids. She also enjoy reading, music and spending time with friends and family.

Finally this description beyond her superhero! her husband Mr.BALAMURUGAN B.E Marine Engineer, without his motive and encouragement she couldn’t be here as a Correspondent of LITTLE KIDS PLAYHOUSE AND PRESCHOOL. He made her dream come true!! She would like to thanks & express her gratitude to Almighty God, her Parents, Brother, Friends and her beloved Teachers to be who she’s today!!


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