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Mrs. Jayarani Yesuraj

Mrs. Jayarani Yesuraj Is A Person With Golden Heart And Person Born For Dance. She Had A Past Of Many Trials And Tribulations But She Got A Place Of Victory. She Was Awarded In Field Classical Dance, Nirtya Kalaivani, Naatya Kala Ratna And Is Not Enough To Recognize Her With Awards She Has To Be Addressed To The World Who Doesn't Know Her Talent. All The More She Is Kindest Heart With Love, Care Towards Her Colleague, Students, And Friends...and Everybody Who Doesn't Know Her Even. God Has Blessed Her With Good Life And She Tries To Spread The Same To Others. She Is Much Dedicated To Her Commitments, And Duties. She Will Glow Like The Star When She Dances And Not Only She Dances By Feet Rather Expresses The Feel Of Dance In Face. Whole Meaning Of Dance Will Be Expressed When She Dances.


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