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Mrs.D.EVANARANI is a Multi-Talented Yoga Instructor, Reflexologist and a Natural Therapist, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India holds prestigious title of Gem of Asia from RAABA MEDIA also been awarded as a Best YOGA kALA JOTHI for outstanding performance entitled RAABA MEDIA'S TALENT HUNT season 3 (Shield of Title winner) 2021.In 2016,By Blind folding done 42 rounds of SURYA NAMASKAR Record,In 2017,28 Types of TRIKONASANA,In 2018,9 sets of YOGA SEQUENCE,In 2019,Best Yoga Teacher Award,In 2019, Completed Record of 84 AASANAS,In 2021, and started own Indhulaiya yoga centre and Deepalaiya clinic .


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