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Young Genius Kid

M.MAHIMUGAVI,D/o Mr.Muthuraman and Mrs.Kavibharathi. She was born in Ramanatham and brought up in Bangalore.she is 4 years old.

Mahimugavi has been a wonderful and attentive kid ..she is active and hard working from her childhood...she is highly motivated and put her best efforts in all the activities.

I noticed all her activities and I decided to train her for some records...

Then She made a records for maximum number of vegetables identified blindfolded in 1 minute.

She can recites thirukural,rhymes and sholaks.

She is very interested in arts and crafts.she always do some crafts in her free time makes surprise to her family members.

She is interested to participate in all the competitions and events she won prize for fireless cooking competition in her school .she always try to explores her talent.

She made another world records in 100 pictures of animals and birds recitation in 51 seconds.

And hope she will get more record in future.

I hope she have a wonderful future


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