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Aahana Kadni is the daughter of Smt.Veda Kadni and Sri.Satyabodh Kadni. She is currently studying in Grade 9 in Jaigopal Garodia Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra , Banglore. She has been learning Bharatanatyam under the expert guidance of Natya Vidushi Dr. Brasil Leons for seven years now. During her journey in Bharatanatyam , she has performed in several programmes conducted by Yuva Deepthi Nrithyalaya. She has completed her Junior Diploma , Bridge Academy Grade 4 exam and Arangetram. Seeing her passion , her well-wishers support and encourage her. Thanks to dance teacher Natya Vidushi Dr. Brasil Leons and Yuva Deepthi Nrithyalaya for this opportunity. It was a great experience. She was fortunate for this achievement and enjoyed it thoroughly.


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