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Yuva Deepthi Nrithyalaya

Dr. Brasil Leons achieved another notable feat by setting a record in the Raaba Book of World Records with her exceptional Bharathanatyam dance event held at ADA Rangamandira in Bangalore, karnataka India. The event was a showcase of extraordinary talent, with over 80 enchanting bharathanatyam dance performances ranging from 5 to 40 years old. These performances highlighted the timeless beauty of this classical art form. Dr. Brasil Leons’ commitment to nurturing young dance talents broughttogether a diverse group of performers who told captivating stories through their graceful movements. It was a day filled with celebration and artistic expression that deeply resonated with everyone who had the privilege of witnessing it.

Dr. Brasil Leons is a renowned Bharathanatyam dancer, singer, and choreographer. She has set various records three other world records in Bharathanatyam. She has received prestigious awards, including the Dr. Radhakrishnan Award, Women Achiever Award, Natya Kala Thilakam Award,Aachariya Thilagam Award, and Nava Shakthi Natya Acharya Award.

Yuva Deepthi Nrithyalaya, school of performing arts, was founded by Natya Vidushi Dr.Brasil Leons in the year 1995. The institution has earned the reputation for being one of the best in this field. With God's blessings, the institution has progressed and has received accolades for teaching thousands of students this sacred art form. Yuva Deepthi Nrithyalaya has provided a platform for many talented students from various schools and institutions to express themselves, and motivated them to pursue their passion. Under the guidance of Dr.Brasil Leons, the students are able to exhibit their talent at national and international events and attend many state level bharatanatyam exams. After several years of training and dedication, many students have completed their Arangetram, which is a celebration of the dancer's achievements after years of dedication. With all the prayers, Yuva Deepthi Nrithyalaya as an institution has successfully completed 28 years of inspiring and igniting passion for dance in young minds.


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