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Smt. Sudha Mohan

Smt. Sudha Mohan, an experienced Bharatanatyam dancer and vocalist, is the founder of SaiShishya Natyalaya, a dance school on the outskirts of Chennai, with three centers. Her dance training was initiated by Smt. Prema Karunanidhi and Dr Bala Nandakumar at Sri Sadhguru Sangeetha Vidyalaya at the tender age of 10. She holds a Master’s degree in Bharatanatyam from the renowned Tamil University, Thanjavur. Smt. Sudha has trained over 500 passionate students. She is a trained classical singer who has sung in various Salangai Poojas of multiple Bharatanatyam proponents. Thus, she has a unique blend of expertise in Dance and Music together, with robust training and multiple performances to back her, which is a rare find. Smt. Sudha was once appreciated by the then Member of Parliament and the current Governor of Nagaland His Excellency Shri. La. Ganesan. Although Smt. Sudha started her dance career very early in her life, but she had to suspend it due to family demands. Therefore, she moved on to work in the corporate sector to support her parents. Unable to quench her urge to dance, after her marriage, she rebooted her dance passion by joining the Bachelor of Arts in Bharatanatyam from Tamil University in Thanjavur. She continued with a Master’s degree and excelled in it. She intends to pursue a Doctorate very soon. She stands as a tall inspiration to many women who had to take a break from pursuing their passion due to familial considerations that nothing can stop the burning desire to succeed no matter what the odds are! Smt. Mohan has won various awards and accolades from various organizations, societies, temples, and groups including our very own Raaba Media. Her students’ dance performances have been organized in various temples including the famous Ekambaranathar Temple in Kanchipuram. Her students have also participated in Guinness world record dance programmes. She has infused Bhakti marga into her dance tutoring, which includes teaching Slokas, Keerthanas, and spiritual stories so that these examples can stand as guiding rails for upbringing students amidst various societal distractions. Her singing and Montessori background come in handy in amalgamating the best ideals from different spheres of arts and culture into molding students into becoming the best citizens of the future society we are trying to build for the next generation. In a way, it may not be far-fetched to say that dance, and music combined with rearing children via Montessori, play a vital role in nation-building and Smt. Mohan plays the role of a proverbial squirrel from our great epic Ramayana.


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