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Radhikala Manickam

Radhikala Manickam
Raaba Book of World Records

Professional Bharathanatyam artiste. Counsellor in the making. A humble life with magnificent dreams. Radhikala Manickam, has been trained in Bharatanatyam for over 15 years. After her debut Arangetram in 1996, she continued to be a part of exquisite choreography in Bharathanatyam and performed at various events conducted by Tamil Nadu Schools and College managements. Her passion for teaching was initiated when she started her carrier as a full time Bharathanatyam Teacher in Bangalore at 2011. She is now one of the renowned Dance Instructor and also the proprietor of Narthana Natyapalli – Dance School in Bangalore. She also served as a Specialist for the Blue Max Academy , Sri Ram Public School where she worked with the adolescent group introducing and teaching Bharatanatyam as a part of the "Physical expression study". She has collaborated with various non-profit arts organizations to share and promote Bharatanatyam from India and its beautiful culture and history.

She continues to work with schools (public and private) to merge arts and education in the form of workshops, lecture demonstration, live and interactive performances. She strives hard to bring her passion, culture, and love for this art through teaching children. Some of her disciples have turned bharathanatyam teachers. Style and Appeal of Radhikala Manickam Her basics were forged under tutelage of many impressive gurus in Bharathanatyam especially Dr.Padhma Subramaniam. Her dance is her interpretation of the known and unknown and into this infinite space, she leaped headfirst.

She would derive unconventional pieces, pick phrases from different languages and texts, seek meaning in places that people tended to ignore. While it cofounded the purists, Her quest for a higher meaning was undeniable based on the sheer earnestness of her approach. An artist going beyond the surface to seek a truer understanding of their art form is a blessing to society. The answers they find to resonate with people across all social boundaries


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