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R. Sakthi Devi

R. Sakthi Devi, a woman numismatist, a microbiologist, completed her studies M.Sc., M.Phil. and worked as a Medical Document Quality Analyst. She is now residing in Salem and working partner at Elan Digital, her husband's company. Her father is A. Ranganathan, Mother R. Suriyakumari and her Spouse M. K. Elango. She is multitasking and enthusiastic. This hobby of coin collection was seeded by her lovable grandma S. S. B. Meenakshi. She gave her old coins which she had in her collection and told them to keep them, saying it are very rare. This makes her more curious to have such the rarest collection of things as her hobby. Since then, Sakthidevi started to look for rare coins and her grandma helped her. Both of them started to look for another side of coins and currencies which carry important occasion released. Thus, she has collected old coins, very rare commemorative coins, foreign coins and currencies. She still continues to collect more coins and her daughter Puthiya(12 years old), this interesting hobby. Her younger grandmother Jansi, who is a travel freak, supported her by helping her to collect foreign countries' currencies wherever she travelled. She adds, all her coins are collected in their own hand , not purchased from any traders. She says she feels happy and proud as a woman able to develop and continue this hobby, as so far, there is a lower number of female numismatics there. From this coin collection, she wants to convey the message that we like coins have 2 sides. When we turn our view and start seeing other parts of our life and problems, we can see many wonders, like some rare coins.


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