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Praveesh Kuzhipally

Praveesh Kuzhipally
Raaba Book of World Records

Praveesh Kuzhipally, Chairman of LP GIMSAT, Calicut

Praveesh Kuzhipally, an esteemed figure in the corporate world, the Chairman of LP GIMSAT, Calicut. With a distinguished career, he holds the position of Director at The Standard Tile And Clay Works Pvt Ltd.

Hailing from Kozhikode, but settled in Bangalore, Praveesh Kuzhipally is a visionary Indian entrepreneur.

His vast expertise extends across various domains, as evidenced by his involvement with 14 prominent companies. Apart from LP GIMSAT, Mr Praveesh Kuzhipally is associated with esteemed organizations such as Vanarani Plantation And Estates Private Limited, Contech Developers & Rmc (India) Private Limited, Ambica Constructions & Contractors India Private Limited, and Presidency Group Hotels Private Limited.

Furthermore, his commitment to innovation and societal welfare is evident through his directorship roles at Ganbei Restaurants Private Limited, Vikrant Criti Care Air Ambulance Services Private Limited, and Ambica Medical Foundation & Research Centre.

Mr Praveesh Kuzhipally's leadership and strategic acumen continue to propel organizations to new heights, making him a driving force in the business landscape of India.


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