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Nijanthan M

Nijanthan M Director of Boam Academy Started his music career at the age of 15, Learning keyboard. He has completed keyboard Grades, Theory of music and Music production. The main inspiration of Nijanthan to enter into the music field is his father Markandeyan. Nijanthan has taught in many schools and music institutions during the beginning of his career and has vast experience in music teaching.

Boam Academy

Boam Academy situated at Venkatesa Nagar, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, is a Top Music Class in Cuddalore. We teach Western & Classical

Music which helps the Students to develop their Personality to enter in the Music industry as Musician, Best Performer, Teacher, ect.

Our Highly Qualified Teachers make sure your child learns music with Fun and Interest.

Our Boam Music Academy comprises School children, College Students, Working Women, Business people, IT Professionals and people from Musical Background.

We also conduct examinations and provide Certifications.


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