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Ms. Pini Khan

Ms. Pini Khan The director of Pini’s Dance Academy, started her career since 21years.She has been a passionate Performer since the very age of 3 years old. She has won multiple National and International Awards in Dance, Music and Art(painting).

She has been teaching and Choreographing dance for Classical, western, Folk, International Folk and ballroom dances.

Ms.Pini has a qualification of B.Com ( Marketing), B.Ed ( English) , B.A( Dance) and MBA (HR)She bravely deviated the odds and started her Institute of dance , Pini’s Dance Academy in the year of 2000 with the sole intention of keeping the cultural heritage of India alive and discover the talent among the common.

Not restraining its boundaries, Pini’s Dance Academy has upholded various events and special programmes not just in Karnataka but also in all major cities of other states.

Ms. Pini Khan has also been honoured with various titles like “The Best Teacher’s Award”, “The Best Institution Award”, “ The Best Choreographer Award” by many different organisers.

She is trained with Classical dance from Gujarat, western Dance from Mumbai, Folk dances from Delhi and Salsa, Bachata and Hiphop from Italy.

She is not only achieving many awards but inspiring her students and training them to achieve more n more.


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