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Mrs.Gunapriya G

Mrs.Gunapriya Gunasekaran the director of Presaa Mindbooster Academy alongside with her family. she has been passionate on teaching since from her high school, she took seminar in class with her self interest. she starts her career as a teacher in a academy for quite some time before she starts her own academy.

She completed her graduation in & D.P.ed after that she studied additional courses to enlighten her skills in career like Abacus, Vedic math,Mid Brain Activation, Phonics and Calligraphy & she became as Edupreuner and she started academy@2020.she had 2+ experience in teaching field and there academy achievements are many students won national ,state and international level competition students achieve title as "super champion". they took Guest Lecture in Sri shankarlal sundarbai shasun Jain college for women in the topic of "Magic with maths"(vedic math) for 800+ students, they got honorary doctorate award in Education category and they got "Best Tutor" award in 2021.many students achieve Rabaa book of world record in 2022.more students are benefited by presaa mindbooster academy. there future vision is "high quality education should be acquired by all ".


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