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Mrs. Gayathiri Sangeetha

Mrs. Gayathiri Sangeetha, a highly esteemed educator with a Master's degree (MA) and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), has not only established SpartanKids International Preschool but has also successfully expanded its footprint to three strategically chosen locations: Poonamalle, Avadi, and Ramapuram. This geographical diversity ensures that the benefits of her innovative educational approach reach a broader community.

Founded in 2020, SpartanKids International Preschool stands out not only for its commitment to academic excellence but also for its distinctive curriculum. Mrs. Gayathiri, drawing from her 17 years of experience in teaching, has meticulously crafted a curriculum that centers around the principles of play, learn, and explore. This approach goes beyond traditional teaching methods, fostering holistic development in students and instilling in them a passion for lifelong learning.

The affiliation with the American School of Cultural Management adds another layer of distinction to SpartanKids. This affiliation likely brings in international educational standards, best practices, and cultural perspectives, enriching the educational experience for students. It aligns with the school's commitment to providing a global outlook, preparing students to thrive in an interconnected and culturally diverse world.

The three branches located in Poonamalle, Avadi, and Ramapuram reflect a thoughtful expansion strategy. Each branch is strategically positioned to cater to the educational needs of its local community while upholding the core values and curriculum developed by Mrs. Gayathiri. This approach ensures that SpartanKids remains a dynamic and responsive institution, adapting to the unique requirements of each locality.

Mrs. Gayathiri's commitment to improving education extends beyond her own institutions. The initiation of Montessori training and abacus coaching not only benefits her own teaching staff but also contributes to elevating teaching standards across the broader educational community. This dedication to professional development has likely played a role in cultivating skilled and passionate educators, creating a positive ripple effect in the field.

In summary, Mrs. Gayathiri Sangeetha's leadership in founding and expanding SpartanKids International Preschool, coupled with the affiliation with the American School of Cultural Management, underscores her commitment to providing a world-class education. Through her innovative curriculum and contributions to teacher training, Mrs. Gayathiri is making a lasting impact on the educational landscape in Poonamalle, Avadi, Ramapuram, and beyond.


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