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Manish Kumar Rai

" Software Quality Assurance Engineer working with Firm Electrum formerly pick my solar as a Quality Assurance Engineer-Lead. Dancing has always been my passion. Even during my Engineering days, my College has supported a lot in my dancing field and encouraged me to be able to balance the equation with Dance and Studies. I was born in the late 80's,1987, January have elder sisters and 1 elder brother. Being the youngest in the family i was a pampered and protected child. My sisters started learning kathak. then in the year 1994, first time i saw a dance video of Madhuri Dixit from the movie Anjaam, song was Chane ke khet mein and i became a huge fan of hers. My sisters told me that She is a Kathak Dancer and thats how i got hooked on to Kathak Dance form. I started learning kathak in the year 1996. i i was nominated by ICD/CID, UNESCO, Paris from India and serving as an Active Member of it. Every Year participating in their events and seminars".


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