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Dr.Jasmine David

Jasmine....First of all,she is a good human being. From her childhood, she was very ambitious and determined. She loves to learn. That's why she was able to pursue Ph.D in her domain even though she was in a very hard phase of her life. When she was left alone with a kid, she never gave up and overcame her depression very beautifully.

She had joined dance class which she is very passionate about and blossoms like a flower. She cleared her two semesters with distinction in Bharatanatyam exam and looking forward for upcoming semesters. Whenever she finds time, she goes to help her Guru to teach small kids with the knowledge she gained. She loves to dance and believes that it makes her feel alive. She is a good mother too... taking care of her son and his education,well being...Her only aim is to give a better future to her son and make him a good human being. Her only life's Mantra is whatever happens life has to go on..


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