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Dr.Brasil Leons

Founder,Yuva Deepthi Nrithyalaya School of Performing Arts

DR.BRASIL LEONS Natya Vidushi Dr.Brasil Leons is an Accomplished Bharathanatyam dancer, singer, teacher and choreographer. She is the founder and artistic director of Yuva Deepthi Nrithyalaya (School of Performing Arts, Bangalore). She did her Master Degree in Bharathanatyam and even Vidwath in Bharathanatyam. She also received Honorary Doctorate award in Performing Arts. She is the winner of many district and State level dance and music competition.

Being from a Christian Catholic family, she was able to learn dance right from her childhood. Bharathanatym dance has become one of her favorite language. In spite of many themes, she also tries to communicate her faith that is Christianity through Bharathanatyam dance. She is also working in many Christian institutions as a dance Choreographer. God is a kind of spirit and Dance is one of the medium, she feels that dance could be one of the finest medium for religious expression also.

She has been training students for the past 27 years. Under her guidance many students have successfully completed many levels of Bharathanatyam dance exams conducted by Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board and also many of them achieved other state level exams. By God’s blessings, she has got a very good support from her parents and all her Guru’s to learn Bharathanatyam.

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