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Asviniragh P

Asviniragh P
Raaba Book Of World Records

Natya Navamani Asviniragh P, an accomplished Bharatanatyam teacher and dancer, is making waves in the world of classical dance through her dedication to imparting knowledge via online classes at *Janaki Ragh Natyalaya*. By leveraging digital platforms, she is spreading the beauty of Bharatanatyam far and wide.

With an illustrious journey spanning 18 years, Asviniragh has cultivated a profound connection with this classical dance form. Over the years, she has performed in more than 20 government programs and participated in over 15 events organized by private schools. These performances have enriched her understanding of Bharatanatyam and allowed her to share its beauty with diverse audiences.

Asviniragh's unwavering commitment to Bharatanatyam is evident in her lifelong journey. She is passionate about preserving, promoting, and passing on this rich cultural heritage to the next generation of dancers and enthusiasts. Looking ahead, she is excited about opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and artistic exploration.


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