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Vignesh Arunkumar

Vignesh Arunkumar was born on June 2, 2016 in Bangalore. Naturally, he is a child with good grasping ability. At the tender age of 3 itself, he was able to recite about 60 small Sanskrit slokas. At the age of 4 and half, he has been awarded world record from India Book of Records and Raaba book of Records for identifying logos of 385 automobile brands. Also, he has been recognized for doing maximum number of maze puzzles of about 25 within least time. He has won Master of talents, Multi Talents award Season 4 and Star performer in International Talen Hunt Season 5 from Raaba book of Records in the year 2021. He has also been recognized as Talent Icon of the year 2021 from Raaba book of Records.

Vignesh Arunkumar is interested in reading story books, reciting rhymes and slokas. He has also won many other awards like Amazing kid award for Multiple talents, Enchanting kids Super talented award & unique talent award, Smart kid- best talented award 2021 for rhymes recitation, Genius kid award for singing from Smart kid, awards for singing, sloka & story telling from Wonder buddies, Super Reader contest, Super memory power kid contest from Smart kid. He has been awarded APJ Abdul Kalam Excellence Achiever Award from Sindu Social Service Trust embracing all his achievements.

Recently, Vignesh Arunkumar has enrolled in RIC academy for abacus classes in the month of January 2022. With the help of tremendous support rendered by his abacus mentor, Mrs.Karthika, he was able to do 100 two digits (3rows) direct addition and subtraction sums using Abacus mind math technique within a short span of 2 minutes and 50 seconds. He is also recognised by Raaba book of Records for the same in the month of April 2022. Also, he is also awarded a world record for answering 75 direct problems (4 rows) while parellely doing coloring from Raaba book of records in the month of April 2022.


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