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V.C.Vijaya Aishwarya

V.C.Vijaya Aishwarya,6 years is a cheerful,talented happy kid from Chennai. She is the daughter of Dr.K.Vijayakarthikeyan and Chandrika.She is studying in Grade I.

Our daughter started learning Bharatnatyam at a very young age of 5.She started learning from Kavinaya Natyalaya in Thiruppur with Menaga mam.She has started learning Chess and tennis recently.She has shown keen interest in solving puzzles and learning new things always.She has always had the ability to master things quickly and does not spend much time struggling with things.

She has learnt Silambam also.She reads story books in her leisure time and solves puzzles and colouring books in the free time.She along with her brother has mastered English and can communicate effortlessly with even native speakers.Their accent has been amazing.

We are proud to have her as our daughter and we are waiting to see her grow successful in this world in the future.


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