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V.C.Vijay Adhithyan

V.C.Vijay Adhithyan, 8 years is a cheerful, talented smart kid from Chennai.

He is the son of Dr.K.Vijayakarthikeyan and Chandrika. He is studying in Grade III.

Our son started learning chess at a very young age of 4.He started learning from KKCA in coimbatore with Vidhya mam and Krishnamurthy sir.He has extended his training with KQ chess academy Vinoth sir.He has participated in many district level,State level,National level and International level tournaments.He has won many trophies since the age of 6.

He has always enjoyed keeping himself busy with brain tickling activities like reading books,solving puzzles,Rubik’s square.He has also shown interest in physical activities and is learning tennis and Silambam.

His thirst for knowledge has extended to writing fictional stories also.He has rough drafted few stories and kept them to publish in the future.He has always stayed a step ahead for his age and has ventured in various fields.

His favourite past time has always been reading books and he enjoys Geronimo Stilton books,comics and fun facts.

We are proud to have him as our son and we are waiting to see him grow successful in this world in the future.


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