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U.VISHVA MAYA D/o Dr.M.Ulaganathan a six year old Child Prodigy achieved her first world record  as Most versatile kid in shloka chanting by  knowing more than 65 shlokas at the age of 5 .She won another world record for-First child in the world to recite sundarakandam summary in 2min 44sec.She had achieved world record for her brilliance in oratory skills. She had become one among the  top 100 child achievers around the world and won Global kids Achievers Award 2021.

She received Best Achievers Award 2021 in the title of Brilliant Kid award for her Multitalented personality .She was awarded Forever star icon award  for her iconic personality. She won Talent ikon 2k21 and Iconic Star 2k21 award for her exemplary achievements .

She won Extraordinary kids award 2021 for her appreciable work in various fields.She was titled  as Wonder Girl- Multitalented child for her multiple talents at this early age. She won Inspirational  Indian Award 2021 in the title of Multifarious Shining Star. She won a special title ILAM KAVIN MANI for her outstanding singing performance in world largest all type of solo talents conducted by Raaba book of world records .She won International level online talent event and awarded a special title YOUNG STAR for her excellency in Shloka chanting by Raaba Media.

She won Global Award of Excellence.She has been titled as Magnificent Talented Young Achiever award 2021 for the fabulous kid in one million. She won All Rounder National Championship Trophy in All India Vibha festival of India competition.She was awarded Kural Sudar Viruthu for  winning in National level thirukural recitation Competition.She also recieved karmaveerar kamarajar viruthu and young achiever award.


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