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Sruthi Nigilesh

Sruthi is a rank holder of MSc in Environmental Sciences from Andhra University. Since her postgraduate days at the University, she has been conducting workshops for closed groups. She believed that there is an Artist in everyone and thus was born at her institute, Art Alley, in 2012. Painting is not a business for her, it’s purely her passion. She boasts of having trained more than 100 students online and offline. Sruthi has conducted many exhibitions and workshops all over India. Art Alley has been the talk of the town, since its installation, as it promoted local artists, to exhibit their paintings.

She is well versed in all art forms, starting from watercolors, acrylic, and oil. Abstract, modern, and Kerala murals to name a few. More than selling her own paintings, she loves teaching and interacting with little kids. She says, it's easier to teach little kids, as they are ready to accept any knowledge they come across, unlike adults.

Challenging those who say they can not paint, and making them paint is something she specializes in.


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