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Sri Shankara Natya Vidyalaya

World record holder Dr.Sangeetha Sivakumar , Founder of Sri Shankara Natya vidyalaya, which was started in 2006 to spread the vibes of Bharathanatyam . Started in Koratur and then spread to many places in Chennai , mainly in Valasaravakkam, koturpuram, Thiruverkadu, Ramapuram etc. She was very passionate in dance from the age of 6 and till now she is with the same energy in learning , teaching and innovating in what she does in terms of Dance.

She spreads the same level of dancing joy with more than 2000 and more students. Performing in all main festivals in historical temples all over Tamil Nadu , Kerala, Karnataka, Andra pradesh and Maharashtra. Also performs dance festivals in Malaysia, Singapore and Andaman Islands. She got more than 30 awards as Natya sironmani, Natya Mayuri, punniya karaikalar, Natya Narthagi ,Natya KalaRathana,Natya sree,Natya Oli,.Natya Sri Rathana, Natya kalaiArasi, Navukarasi,Natya Boshan,Natya Samarat,Etc.

Not only does she dance, she does excellents in Nayanmar Dance dramas for more than 4 hours 30 minutes with almost 50 students in single drama. Received world record Three times for performing Dance movements for Thirumurai poems with maximum 407 performers . Living legend who teaches not only dance but also culture, discipline and preaches "Saivam" like Nayanmar . She is actually a modern Nayanmar in kaliyugam 2023.


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