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Smt .Janani Balamurali

Natya Kalai Viruksham, Natya Sudar, Guru, Smt .Janani Balamurali, a dedicated dancer and founder of Bharatakalaksham in Vanagagram, Chennai, is an ardent disciple of Gurus Smt. Geetha Ganesh and Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam, from where she has honed her skills and expertise in this beautiful dance form.

With a Bachelor's degree in Dance, Bharatanatyam holds a special place in Janani's heart, igniting her passion for over 25 years. Her unwavering dedication has allowed her to nurture numerous students, shaping them into talented performers. These budding artists have had the opportunity to showcase their skills in various temples, spreading the essence of Bharatanatyam's beauty and grace. Janani's commitment to preserving and promoting this art form continues to inspire and enrich the cultural landscape.


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