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Shriya Narendra

- Abinaya Saraswathy -

N.Shriya is a bharatanatyam dancer and started learning at the age of 4 under Guru B.N.Manjula and Kum.P.Devika .

She got "Distinction" in Karnataka Secondary Education in Bharathanatyam junior grade exam and currently pursuing for her senior exam.

She is also a Carnatic music singer and completed her junior exam in first class conducted by Karnataka Secondary Education.

She was awarded for"CCRT" Junior Scholarship in the year 2019-2020.

She have given many stage performances under NadaNarthana School of dance and music and also given many solo stage performances.

She won second place in the National Level bharathanatyam dance competition in Dance Jathre which has been conducted by Smt. Vyjayanthi Kashi and also participated in Nrithya Sakara National Level Indian Classical Dance Competition in junior category which was conducted by Natyantharanga by Smt. Shubha Dhananjay.

Performances and Awards:

1. She have Participated in Inter DPS competition which was located in Hyderabad and played an important role as Mahakali.

2. She had taken part in Sahodaya’s National Conference 2020 from Delhi Public School Bangalore South (Online)

3. Nrithya sakara from Natyatharanga national level Indian classical dance competition (Bangalore).

4. Divyajothi state level Bharathanatyam competition (Bangalore).

5. Nrithya Niranthara and been awarded as 'Natya Saraswati of Dusshera 2020'(online).

6. International Dance Idol and been awarded 'Nritya Manjari'(online).

7. Kala Sourabha international level music and dance competition 2020(online).

8. Nadamrutha from Natya Sunada Ankura (online).

9. Veenadare international dance competition.

10. Nrithya Sakara


12. She won first place in the biggest online fest (bharthanatyam dance competition) which was conducted by bestarstudio.

13. She won first place in Nritya Kinkinni global dance festival and dance competition.

14. She won first place in Gayatri natya veda academy-vizag.

15. Performed in Tirupathi.

16.Received Nandhi Award.

17. She is a winner of DreamCatcher and is also is Awaded Dignified Dancer.

18.Participated in Natanotsava Festival

19. She is a BRONZE winner of India’s International Groove Fest2021

20. Won 1st prize in Dance competition 2021 on occasion of Shri Vinayaka Chaturthi Celebrations.

21. She is a awardee of indian star icon (kids achiever award).

22. She is also been awarded as the abinaya saraswathy from RAABA BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS.

She also do yoga and have participated in Competition. Also she is learning karate and even perusing in it.

She is a Atlantic and won many prizes.


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