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Selvamani Chellamuthu

Selvamani Chellamuthu (31 years) is a Unique talented Person in Singing Reverse and Speaking reverse of any contents.

She identified her talent during her childhood days and she exposed her talent in school and zonal level.

She is mom of another two cute talented kids who rights the letters and numbers in reverse.

Also, she become an Entrepreneur to bring out talent of many other peer women. She is the one taking care of Buisness as well as babies and she is a very good Home maker.

The company run by her is Innovative Education with a team of 8 members providing various online skill set training to more students and particularly many other home maker like her. She empowered flourishing lot of women entrepreneurs from her institute with the efforts of her Trainers.

She was recognised by 2 Awards for her talent. Her Article was Published in a famous Tamil News Paper appreciating her talents and initiatives.


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