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- Youngest girl revealment to bharathanatyam navarasa face expressions in least time -

C. Rakshana is a student of mahalakshmi Vidya Mandir (cbse) school from grade 10.

She is a multi-talented kid with a lot of potential. She is efficient in all aspects.

Rakshana at the age of 5 started learning western dance, and secured lots of awards. At the age of 8 she started her career in Bharatanatyam "The passion of her life"

At the same time she exposed herself in speed skating, yoga, keyboard, drawing, chess, basketball and fistball.

Guru Smt.Thilakavathy noticed the excellence in her talent and gave her an opportunity to participate in "Raaba media" platform as an individual performer.

Guru Smt.Thilakavathy grasped her flair and planned on doing "navarasas with hand movements" on the world record within very few seconds. It was a last minute plan but the guru and sishya managed to make a best combination which complement Rakshana's talent even more. At the end her skills were uncovered by guru Smt.Thilakavathy and Raaba book of world records.


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