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R.Varshithaa Devi

- Maser Of Talents -

Miss. R. Varshithaa Devi, an enthusiastic and energetic, multi-talented and interested in many activities, has secured a place in the Raaba Book of World Records for her versatile talents and got “Master of Talents” from Raaba Media. Mr. C.Rajkumar and Mrs. J.Vijayakameswari are her proud parents who support and encourage her in all her activities to accomplish her goals and dreams. She has got many awards, medals and certificates in her academics, School Topper in Grade X, Math League Winner, Topper in Olympiad Exams, Rank holder in various mental ability exams. She is an ardent reader of variety of Books in English and Tamil. She is a budding author, she is writing an Adventurous story “Lara’s Ventures” in English, which will be published soon. She is a Little Gardener too and helps her mother to maintain their Terrace Garden. She is able to identify most of the plants and the uses of each plant. She is fascinated in writing Articles and Essays, Singing, Listening to Music, Glass Painting, Drawing, Playing Keyboard and Kalimba and Making Crafts and Resin items along with her sister Nithika. She has played the keyboard in a couple of celebrational functions such as the new year’s eve, Diwali celebrations and “The elders programme” conducted by Agam foundations. She plays the most prestigious role, the Asst. Editor of our Raaba Book of World Records.


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