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Vigneshwari, Master of Engineering and Founder of Math Gym, a math learning platform for kids. She has come from a teacher’s family. She is from the southern part of Tamil Nadu ,Tirunelveli. After the masters, Vigneshwari got married and moved to Chennai. From the childhood she is passionate to teach and started to teach her first child Vimal. Became a Cuemath certified teacher and Abacus certified teacher just to teach Vimal. She never knew at that point, it is her future carrier.

Now she is handling 6 centres across the world. Yes ! One of her Math Gym centre is in Muskat. She is planning to expand this all across the world in next few years. She strongly believes that early math education is crucial because it sets the foundation for lifelong learning. Children who receive early math education have an advantage of various aspects of life, including improved problem-solving skills, better critical thinking abilities, and higher academic achievement.


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