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Mrs Sathyabama S

Mrs Sathyabama S M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil is an educational administrator with a vision that all children should receive the curriculum stress free and ultimately possess a higher degree of self-confidence to face the society. She also believes that a successful learning environment can be provided to the children with the co-operation of the parents.

She currently serves as a Principal at Srinivasa Public School, Ganapathypalayam since 2013. Her career started as a Primary teacher in Srinivasa Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School in 1994. She was promoted as headmistress for LKG – Grade V during 2009. Under her leadership, she implemented XSEED methodology which extended to render a helping hand to the educationalists.

She is good a motivator and a team builder bringing togetherness in the work space. As a Principal groomed and molded teachers for an upliftment in their career. She is a good counsellor for students where she had guided them to choose their right path with a humanistic approach. On a whole she is committed to ensure quality education to the children.


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