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Mrs.S.Uma Venkateshwari

Mrs.S.Uma Venkateshwari , M.Sc., M.Phil (Physics), a dedicated and passionate teacher, has been imparting knowledge for the past 11years in Abacus , Vedic Math, at present pursuing Rubik cube teacher course. She possess a diverse skill set that enriches her teaching career at Ramakrishna Gurukulam and later established the Brilliance Abacus centre at Kalugumalai. Her intention is to promote the importance of Abacus & various skill based classes in rural areas.

In order to develop the individual skills of the village students, she established this Brilliance Abacus institution in Kalugumalai. Most of the people of Southside are not aware of extra skill based studies like Abacus, Rubik's cube...etc. She is the one who has imparted that knowledge through new studies. Recently, she runs an Abacus centre at her own residence, works in two private schools, has been working in the Avira Skill Development centre in Sankarankovil.

Her vision is to enhance Children's various skills through the integration of Abacus, Vedic Math & Rubik's techniques. Her dedication in learning and also teaching is remarkable one. Her future dream is to create a Guinness world record with kids of rural area schools. Finally a dream comes true moment “The Great Vedic Math Challenge - Uniting 500+ minds for the first time in the world" at Sri Mahalakshmi Matriculation School, Sankarankovil.


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