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Mrs. Meena Vajjiravel

Mrs. Meena Vajjiravel, The director of Sri Kanchi Shethira Kala Mandir, alongside with her spouse, Mr. Vajjiravel, rose for the working sector to build her own Fame among entrepreneurs out of her personal interest in music since childhood. She has been a passionate Veena player since the very age of 9 into adulthood. Having played to her opportunities, she worked as a Veena teacher for quite some time before she sought to channel her passion and interest on a large scale.

Even Though Mrs. Meena Vajjiravel graduated in chemistry, She bravely deviated the odds and started her renowned Institute of music and arts, Sri Kanchi Shethira Kala Mandir, in the year of 2013 with the sole intention of keeping the cultural heritage of India alive and spread its wings with pride and discover the talent among the common.

Not restraining its boundaries, Sri Kanchi Shethira Kala Mandir has up holded various events and special programmes not just in the temple city of Kanchipuram, but also in all major temples of Tamilnadu. In addition, various cultural events were also held in foreign lands like Singapore and Malaysia and also in the neighboring union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The biggest, if not the most cherished of Sri Kanchi Shethira Kala Mandir's achievement ranges from a dance programme with over 3300 individuals for the 2017 to a cultural programme involving an estimate of 1700 students for the Sangamam.

Mrs. Meena Vajjiravel has also been honored with various titles like 'The Best Administrator', 'The Best Institution' ( by various organizations including Raaba Media ) among many others.

Her achievements had driven her to do more and so she does till date.


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