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Miss. Nayeela Reshma

Nayeela Reshma began her educational career as the principal of First Discovery Montessori from year 2006.Her educational experiences have afforded her the opportunity to cooperate with the diverse group of people to meet the common goal of achieving student achievement and well being.

Her educational philosophy is based on her uncompromising belief that all students can learn, given a positive learning environment strong and knowledgeable leadership committed and focused educational team, encouraging community and a supportive family. Miss Nayeela Reshma has received B.A Degree in humanities from Mount Carmel College in bangalore,1995 . Certified in Montessori field of education at Indian Montessori Center in 2004,April.

And has worked in the Montessori school at Lon island , USA .The school is one of the best and has given the children a strong foundation in early childhood lays the ground work for responsible citizenship and healthy community.

First discovery is a school which makes difference with love care and understanding the child's needs. A cocoon of love and trust.


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