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Meera Paravath is the daughter of Mrs Maya Paravath and Mr Chandrasekharan Pattathil. She is studying in grade 7 in Vibgyor School, Marathahalli, Bangalore. She has been learning dance at Yuva Deepthi Nrithyalaya under Natya Vidushi Dr. Brasil Leons for many years now. She is a very keen student who is curious and likes to learn new things. Her parents support her unconditionally and their everlasting love and support keeps her striving for the stars. They are very motivational and encourage her to take part in dance related activities. Last, but not the least it is all Thanks to Natya Vidushi Dr. Brasil Leons that Meera has seen a change in her personality as well as her interest in dancing. Her style of teaching is very innovative.

As a world record holder, she feels very proud and happy. Her parents, relatives and friends are also showing her a great deal of support. She wishes to do greater things in the future.


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