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Meenakshi M

Meenakshi M is postgraduate MBA in human resource management. Founder and director of Toddler'skingdom preschool,Bangalore,Karnataka.

Meenakshi M started Toddler'skingdom preschool and daycare on April 22nd 2012. With passion and dedication. Toddler'skingdom preschool from 10 years and working towards the holistic development of the children.

She is also looked upon by the Parents and Children of the Area as a guide, mentor and advisor.

She was always been amazing in accomplishing the academic goal, taking over as the team. She has performed exceptionally in a well-organized way, delegating tasks and overseeing the entire school and academics to successful completion.

She has an excellent teaching aptitude , especially towards the tiny tots . She has exhibited exceptional communication skills.


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