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Sai Shruthi is the daughter of Mrs S Jayanthi and Mr K Anbarasan. She is Presently studying in Grade 10 in Kendriya Vidyalaya, DRDO, Bangalore. She has been learning Bharathanatyam dance for several years under the guidance of Natya Vidushi Dr Brasil Leons, founder and Director of YUVA DEEPTHI NRITHYALAYA. During her journey, she has performed various Bharathanatyam programmes and cleared several dance exams under the able guidance of her teacher. She has also achieved WORLD RECORD in Bharathanatyam. Recently she has completed her Arangetram successfully. Her dedication and passion for this art form, along with teacher’s expertise and encouragement from her family has made her the accomplished dancer she is today. Her parents and family supported her constantly throughout this beautiful journey. Her school teachers encouraged and motivated her to achieve her passion for this wonderful art form. She is delighted to be a disciple of Dr Brasil Leons for her dedicated guidance to perform gracefully with full confidence. She is very much grateful for her dance teacher for giving her this opportunity to achieve her goal.


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