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Sana Kaarthick

Sana Kaarthick (born June 28th, 2013) is a multi-talented girl who has creative thinking and brings up new things. She was born in California,USA and she is currently a Fourth grade student at Millstone River School - New Jersey, USA. Her parents are Gowri Thiyagarajan and Kaarthick BabuShekar and they are from India settled in New Jersey. She has an elder sister, Dhakshana Kaarthick, who was born in Tirunelveli, a town in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu and she is currently a SIxth-grade student. She has unique talent and shows interest in being part of every competition and her hobbies are building Legos, artwork and basketball. She has amazing academic records, interested in mathematics. With her parents’ support and encouragement, she is also honoring her music and painting skills.She never practices before going to the competition. She will do her own idea and drawing.She won more than 15 trophies for her artwork. When she was 3 years old she was creating so many designs using pattern blocks and she showed interest in designing, creating houses, kitchens with oven, utensils using recycled materials. She has been motivated and started making more designs and created 304 designs out of pattern blocks. Sana, still working hard on creating new designs will make more records and achievements in future.


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