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Oliver Venny Bell A

Oliver Venny Bell is an experienced and committed professional in the fields of education, teaching, management and abacus. He started his career as a Manager in the Human Resources Department of a major multinational company and then decided to pursue his dream of helping students in Mathematics by training in Abacus from renowned institutes in Chennai. In 2016, Oliver established the highly successful Brain Genius Academy, where he serves as the Director and Master Brain Abacus Trainer.

Through Oliver’s dedicated and patient mentorship, hundreds of students have made their mark at the National and District level competitions, including National Level Champions. His holistic teaching approach is backed by a strong emphasis on providing quality education to all students. In addition to being the face of various seminars and workshops on Abacus, Maths and Education, Oliver is also recognized as a regular contributor to journals and magazines related to the field.

Having trained over 500+ students, Oliver continues to work with his mission of providing quality education to everyone. His mission has been recognized across industries and his commitment and successes in the goals of Maths education has provided ample support to the students in the field. Oliver’s dedication to providing the highest level of instruction and guidance is indeed commendable.


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