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Mrs.VidyaBalaji,Founder of VBL EDUPARK has a wider vision when it comes to women empowerment.

Keeping this has her prime motto, she started this institute and with the immense belief that education alone can bring in changes in one's life especially woman and suitably namedher institute VBL( Victory Begins through Learning).

She started this academy in the year 2016. She has trained many women successfully in Teacher Training, Montessori teacher training, Beautician Training, Yoga Training and has given lots of hope and self confidence in women and supported and guided them in creating their own job opportunity. She had been hand picked and awarded with title "Kalvi Oli" by Tamil Sangam and received the award from the then education Minister Ma.Fa.Padiayarajan.

She had also started Kids Preschool and provided job opportunities to women and also free on Job Training and experience for women, to kick start their Montessori professional Teacher Training career. Her Train the Trainer Program has created many Trainers and thus she has catered her vision of creating more Trainers and Teachers, who in turn can create a Trainer, thus the number of Trained professionals count increases day by day.


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