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Mrs.M.Saathana Mahesh Kumar

Mrs.M.Saathana Mahesh Kumar, a budding classical musician, 25 years old with a golden voice and abundantly blessed classical singer, formally trained by her family members themselves musically and spiritually. Her music journey began at the age of 7 with music and her passion for music thirst motivates her to learn Carnatic music very sincerely. As she's from a musical family ,it has become an easy task for her to pursue her goal.

Saathana completed her B.A (Carnatic Music ) in Avinasi Lingam University College of arts and sciences, Coimbatore. D.M.T in Tamil nadu Government Music College Coimbatore,Completed her M.A(Carnatic Music)Kalai Kaviri college of fine arts,Trichy.

Meanwhile she started her dream academy of music,


She is working as a Music Teacher in International and CBSE Schools. She takes individual classes too based on student capabilities, teach with patient until they understands.

She did many concerts in Temples and in many places of Tamil Nadu. Mrs . Saathana Mahesh Kumar, is honored with the title of SANGEETHA KALA JOTHI. Also took part in Raaba book of world records 2022,Title: BHAJAN SAMRAT. Which drives her to do many more achievements to reach her goal.


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